WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Powerful and Convenient Cleaning Tool


The WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (KB-H015) is a powerful and convenient cleaning tool designed to tackle various surfaces in your home. With its upgraded features such as LED touch display, powerful motor, and long runtime, this vacuum promises to deliver a thorough cleaning experience. In this review, I will share my personal experience using this product and highlight its pros and cons.

Unboxing the WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was a pleasant experience. The packaging was neat and the assembly process was easy. Upon initial inspection, the vacuum was 48% charged, allowing me to test it right away. One of the standout features for me was the digital battery readout on the LED touch display, providing real-time information about battery levels and other performance indicators. The three-speed settings offered versatility for different cleaning needs.

I have primarily used the vacuum on smooth flooring and found it to be highly effective in picking up dirt and debris. However, on carpeting, its performance was not as impressive as that of a plug-in vacuum. It struggled with larger debris but managed well with smaller particles. The extendable barrel and included accessories were useful for reaching tight spaces and corners.

The 55 minutes of runtime provided by the 7-cell 2200mAh battery was impressive. It allowed me to clean my 2000 sq ft home without interruption. I appreciated the detachable battery, which gave me the option to charge it separately or keep it integrated with the vacuum.

The ease of cleaning and storing the vacuum was another highlight. Emptying the dust cup was a breeze, and the included wall-mounted rack provided a convenient place to store the accessories.

Convenient Digital Touch Display

One key aspect of the WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is its upgraded digital touch screen. This touch display provides users with greater convenience and control over the vacuuming process. With the touch screen, you can easily monitor real-time status updates, such as battery levels, suction performance, brush stuck alert, and suction blockage alert. This eliminates the worry of accidentally pressing the wrong button, which can often happen with traditional button vacuums. The digital touch display enhances the overall user experience and makes operating the vacuum more intuitive and efficient.

Powerful 450W Brushless Motor

Another key aspect of this cordless vacuum cleaner is its powerful 450W brushless motor. Unlike weak vacuums that leave behind residue, the WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a robust motor that delivers an impressive suction power of up to 38kPa. This ensures that the vacuum can effectively pick up all surface debris and deeply embedded dirt, outperforming 90% of the vacuum cleaners available in the market. Whether you’re dealing with pet hair, cat litter, or other types of messes, this vacuum’s motor provides the necessary suction to tackle any cleaning task with ease.

Versatile Cleaning for Different Surfaces

The WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed to handle multiple surfaces with its 2-in-1 upgraded roller. Whether you have hardwood floors, low pile carpet, or mid pile carpet, this vacuum cleaner is versatile enough to clean them all. It offers three adjustable suction modes, allowing you to easily capture pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other types of messes. The ability to adjust the suction power ensures that you can customize the cleaning performance according to the specific surface you’re cleaning. This versatility makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for various areas in your home.

Long Runtime for Extended Cleaning Sessions

With a 55-minute runtime, the WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner provides ample cleaning time to tackle even large cleaning tasks. This is made possible by its 7-cell 2200mAh battery, which delivers consistent power throughout the cleaning process. Whether you’re cleaning a small apartment or a larger house, the extended runtime allows you to complete your cleaning sessions without interruptions. Additionally, the detachable battery gives you the flexibility to charge it either while integrated with the vacuum or separately. This ensures that you always have a fully charged battery ready for use.

Easy-to-Use and Convenient Design

The WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed with user convenience in mind. It features an easy-to-use dust cup that can be opened with a gentle press of a key, eliminating the need to manually open it with both hands. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a wall-mounted rack where you can store the included brush and flat nozzle for future use, saving you storage space and keeping your accessories organized. Overall, the thoughtful design of this vacuum cleaner enhances the cleaning experience and simplifies maintenance tasks.

Positive Customer Feedback

Customers who have purchased the WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner have shared their positive experiences with the product. Many users appreciate the convenience of the digital touch display, praising its ease of use and real-time status updates. The powerful 450W brushless motor has also received praise for its exceptional suction power, surpassing the performance of other vacuum cleaners. Customers have also highlighted the versatility of the vacuum cleaner, particularly its ability to clean different surfaces effectively. The long 55-minute runtime and user-friendly design have also been commended. Overall, the positive feedback from customers reinforces the quality and performance of this cordless vacuum cleaner.


  • The WLUPEL cordless vacuum cleaner has a powerful 450W brushless motor, providing an unprecedented suction up to 38kPa. This ensures that it can pick up all surface debris and deeply embedded dirt, making it more effective than 90% of other vacuum cleaners on the market.
  • The vacuum features a 2023 upgraded digital touch screen, making it more convenient to control. You can easily monitor battery levels, suction performance, and receive alerts for brush stuck or suction blockage. This eliminates the worry of accidentally pressing the wrong button, which can happen with traditional button vacuums.
  • With a runtime of up to 55 minutes, the WLUPEL cordless vacuum can clean an entire house of 2000 sq ft in one go. The 7-cell 2200mAh battery provides long-lasting power, and it can be charged either integrated with the stick vacuum or separately, thanks to the detachable design.


  • The suction power of the cordless vacuum may not be as strong as that of a corded vacuum. While it is still effective in picking up dirt and debris, it may struggle with larger or heavier items.
  • The battery life on high power mode drains quickly. If you plan to use the vacuum on high suction for an extended period, you may need to consider having a spare battery or recharging it during cleaning sessions.
  • The dust bucket of the vacuum is relatively small and will need to be emptied frequently, especially for larger cleaning jobs. It may not be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.


    In conclusion, the WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (KB-H015) offers several notable features that make it a worthy cleaning companion. While it excels on smooth flooring and offers a decent performance on low pile carpets, it may struggle with larger debris and long hair. The LED touch display, long runtime, and easy-to-clean design add to its appeal. Overall, I have been satisfied with its performance, and it has become my go-to vacuum for regular cleaning.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Can the WLUPEL cordless vacuum cleaner pick up pet hair effectively?

    Answer: Yes, the vacuum is designed to handle pet hair. It has a 2-in-1 upgraded roller and three adjustable suction modes, making it easy to capture pet hair, cat litter, and other messes.

    Question: How long does it take to charge the battery?

    Answer: The charging time for the battery depends on the current charge level. It typically takes a couple of hours to fully recharge from 0. However, you also have the option to charge the battery while it is integrated with the stick vacuum or by storing it on the wall mount.

    Question: Is it easy to clean and maintain the vacuum?

    Answer: Yes, the WLUPEL cordless vacuum is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The dust bucket can be emptied with a simple press of a button, and the included brush and flat nozzle can be stored on the wall-mounted rack. Additionally, the vacuum comes with replacement filters for long-term use.

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